Sudden Impact for Roses

In this short video we meet with Kelvin Trimper, World Federation of Rose Societies President, in the International Rose Garden – Adelaide Botanic Garden. Kelvin chats about the development of Sudden Impact for Roses and what sets it apart as a specialist food for roses and flowering plants.
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September Meeting

Our September meeting featured Rosemary Weir, a long time member of the Society, who is re-known for beekeeping and is also a member of the Auckland Bee Keepers Club. It was a great session, with a great turnout which everyone enjoyed. It was interesting to hear about the record sized feral hive discovered in South Auckland earlier this year, it’s removal, and how the Queen was settling in to her new hive.

Papakura Beehive a Giant!



Pukekohe Hospital Rose Planting Day

Last Sunday we took part in the Pukekohe Hospital Rose Planting day, alongside the Franklin District Rose Society, and were on hand to offer advice and assistance as fifty more roses were put in to the gardens. Last year was Stage 1 and this year with a bit of a tidy up and prune we helped to complete the rejuvenation of the gardens for the residents and patients who enjoy them so much. We also donated some Sudden Impact for Roses to help them establish and be in top form for their spring blooms! It was a great day and it was wonderful to see some young hands learning how to plant roses correctly, whilst really enjoying themselves digging in the garden.

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The Rosarian’s Workshop

The Rosarian’s workshop was our latest event which offered members the opportunity, in lieu of our August meeting, to learn a virtual “all you need to know” about roses and their care. With pruning covered off at the Parnell Rose Gardens in July, this workshop focused on Nutrition, Soil, Sprays and of course Bugs and Diseases. It was a day packed full of useful information that offered attendees a fantastic learning experience in terms of Rose care!

Special thanks must be made to New Zealand Rose Society President Doug Grant for his time and expertise, which provided attendees a great blend of sound knowledge and solid practical advice.

It was a brilliant day, with a great mix of old and new members in attendance, enjoyed by all.