Welcome to the Auckland Rose Society! We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the cultivation of the world’s most favourite flower.

Founded in 1945, we are a district rose society working at a local level to ‘To implant the rose in the hearts and gardens of the people’ which is the motto of the New Zealand Rose Society.

As a Society we are essentially a collection of friendly Rose enthusiasts (both experts and amateurs) who are brought together by a keen interest in and a common love for the Rose.

Young and old alike enjoy Roses! There is no age barrier to loving them!

We are governed by an elected Executive Committee which provides for the general governance and direction of the Society, as required by our Auckland Rose Society Constitution.

If you like roses and wish to find out more about them, why not come along to our next meeting or event and meet fellow like-minded rose lovers in your area? New gardeners, why not learn how best to care for your roses?


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